How Mold Grows and Causes Damage
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Signs of mold in the home aren’t always obvious.
Call a mold remediation specialist.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call Mr. Dry Out. We will find the mold and remove it. Besides the obvious visible signs, you or your home can be telling you that you potentially have a toxic mold problem.
Watch for these telltale signs of mold damage in your home:
mold remediation Tampa Bay FL•  Stale musty odors in the bathroom, laundry, slab, attic, walls
•  Stale air conditioning or furnace air
•  Musty smelling towels or clothing that were just washed
•  Speckles or splotches on water filter or water softener tanks
•  Gray or white crystalline substances on slab wall
•  Damp cardboard in the attic, garage or slab
•  Frequent headaches or migraines
•  Allergy symptoms
•  Ear infections
•  Runny nose, red eyes, tired eyes, itchy eyes and nose, sniffles
•  Throat frequently irritated
•  Sinus headaches or pressure
•  A constant tired feeling
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Mold needs three things to grow:
water, time and a food source.

If water is left in an enclosed building for more than three days, various types of mold, mildew and fungus can develop. These unwanted developments can ruin everything within your home, including possessions, furniture, inventory and other contents.

Mold's purpose is to decompose material, and it will attack everything in your home or building made of organic material such as wood, paper, fabric and food. Anything organic becomes food for mold and fungus. The mixture of high humidity, high temperature and water inside a building creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and insect infestation.

Interview on how to fix and prevent mold issues: